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Dentures are a boon to those who are losing their teeth, filling holes in more ways than just the obvious one. Fixing a broken smile and being able to function normally when speaking and eating is a blessing that most take for granted.

Modern dentures are customized to the patient and are made to fit comfortably and remove with ease. While nothing will ever be as good as your original teeth, and you may need some time to become used to them, new dentures are better today than any time in the past.

Proper care of your dentures is vital to keep them functioning as they should. Normal wear and tear will necessitate that you make annual trips to your dentist to ascertain proper fit.


Take our advice and learn from the below recommendations:

– Dentures are not unbreakable. The delicate nature of these replacement teeth dictates that you be careful when handling them. To make sure that you don’t drop them on a hard surface, lay down a soft cloth or folded towel when taking them out.

-Dentures can become dried out. So, keep wet by placing them in a container of water or a soaking solution.

– Dentures will distort if you place them in hot water. To keep them from warping, do not use boiling water when cleaning.

– Before putting them in, brush your dentures daily as well as your gums, tongue, and palate with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Doing so will remove food particles, plaque, and activate circulation.


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