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Traveling during the holidays? Be sure to upkeep your smile’s care while traveling to new, fun, and exciting places. You can ensure a healthy mouth by following these tips:


– However long you are gone, make sure to schedule an exam and cleaning checkup within six months of one another. It’s a good idea to get an appointment with Dr. Hal Jones and our dental team to ensure your teeth are ready to go.


– If you happen to be traveling to a desolate area and you forget your toothbrush, you can use your finger or a washcloth to clean your teeth, and then rinse vigorously with water. When you have found a toothbrush to purchase, check for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. If there are not any toothbrushes with the seal, a very soft toothbrush would be suitable.


– Avoid germs and bacteria in unfamiliar places by keeping your toothbrushes clean, either wrapping them in resealable plastic bags or purchasing a toothbrush case.


– Chewing gum for 20 minutes after a meal can help stave off cavities, since it helps saliva flow, helping to wash away bacteria. Look for the ADA Seal as well when purchasing gum.


– Keep your dentist’s contact information ready in case an emergency and you need dental care assistance.


– If traveling overseas, ask your concierge for recommendations on the best practices in the area in case of an emergency and contact the closest dental office.


Be sure to follow these tips to maintain a great, safe smile while on vacation. Give Waveland Dental Center and our professional dentists a call at 228-270-0044 if you have any questions. Our clinic here in Waveland, Mississippi, will be happy to ensure your smile’s safety while you’re having fun!