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If you have been told that dentures are only available for older patients, we are here to tell you that the modern advances in this area of the dental field has turned dentures into an effective tool for tooth replacement for any patient who suffers from missing teeth. There are different types of dentures for different dental needs to help smiles regain their appearance and function.

We are pleased to offer custom-made denture appliances at Waveland Dental Center to help you significantly improve areas of your life affected by tooth loss. This can include chewing your food, pronouncing certain words and speaking in a normal tone of voice. Dentures are often one of the most affordable options of tooth replacement.

Our dentist can help  you determine which of the following types of dentures are best suited to your smile:

– Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth after the gums are fully healed from having teeth removed.

– Immediate dentures can be replaced directly following tooth removal so that you can receive your new smile in just one visit.

– Partial dentures fill wide gaps between remaining teeth by attaching to these teeth for stability.

We will provide specific instructions on how to care for dentures and keep them in good shape. For example, when you aren’t wearing your dentures, they should soak in water or denture cleaner to prevent the appliance from dry out.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Hal Jones and our team at 228-270-0044 today if you have any questions about dentures in Waveland, Mississippi, and would like to schedule a visit to our office.