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Gum disease affects many Americans. And it should not be ignored. If you do not have your gum disease treated, you can experience lost teeth and even damage to your jaw bone. And the implications can range even farther than your mouth.

For example, there is evidence to show that inhaling the bacteria that is present in gum disease can cause respiratory problems. If the bacteria enter your bloodstream you could run the risk of cardiovascular problems or even a stroke. If you live with diabetes, gum disease can cause complications. The symptoms of gum disease can include gums that bleed when you brush or floss, red or even blue gums, and gums that are tender and swollen. Loose teeth and bad breath may also be indicators of gum disease.

Although there may be several contributing factors to gum disease, the primary culprit is plaque. As plaque builds up on your teeth, it hardens into tartar, causing your gums to swell. This allows more plaque and bacteria to work its way below the gum line.

Our dentist, Dr. Hal Jones can treat your gum disease with medication, a deep cleaning, or in some cases, surgery. If you have noticed the signs of gum disease, and are looking for a dentist in Waveland, Mississippi, we can help. Give Waveland Dental Center a call at 228-270-0044 and we will help you plan your visit.