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Does it feel a bit odd to be reading a blog post about saliva? Well, it’s certainly not a hot topic, but it’s an important one nonetheless. In fact, without saliva, our mouths would be in very different – and very poor – shape.

We’ve found that educating our patients about the different things their mouths needs – and what they can do – is the best way to help them have great oral health. So in the spirit of that tradition, today we’re tackling the question of saliva’s role in your oral health.

What does it do?
The key tasks saliva carries out include producing enamel-protecting elements, and breaking food down to give it taste. Saliva is so effective at producing enamel that you’ll likely hear from a dentist to eat foods that enhance saliva production. Drs. Hal Jones and Dr. Thomas Murphree can give you a comprehensive list of foods that achieve this exact task.

Why is it important?
Saliva is important because it helps protect your teeth from infection and decay. When you get your check up here at Waveland Dental Center in Waveland, Mississippi, that’s what our team is looking for – infection and decay. Not finding any is obviously the desired outcome.

Saliva helps your enamel remain strong, and that’s key to stopping tooth decay. Enamel is the hard outer layer of your teeth that surrounds the living bundles of nerves and blood vessels that make your teeth truly alive.

It may not seem important on the surface, but saliva plays a vital role in your oral health. If you’d like to know more, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 228-270-0044.